Substance Abuse & Recovery Task Force

The Substance Abuse & Recovery Task Force was created to replace the Heroin Task Force, and is chaired jointly by the District Attorney and Sandra Garrison, the Director of the County’s Department of Human Services. It is comprised of the Office of the District Attorney, the Department of Human Services, members of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board, municipal police departments, the County Coroner, Crozer Keystone, the Pennsylvania State Police, members of the Jail Oversight Board, as well as community partners serving individuals struggling with substance use disorder. By renaming and reorganizing the Task Force, the District Attorney intended to shift the focus of its work from a law enforcement perspective to one more directly focused on combatting the disease of addiction and supporting individuals in recovery. To that end, the District Attorney has partnered with the Director of Human Services to create the Delco Prevention & Recovery Coalition (DPRC). The initial work of the coalition is ensure that the life-saving overdose medication Naloxone (Narcan) is distributed widely throughout Delaware County. The Coalition plans to distribute Narcan throughout the business community, particularly motels and convenience stores, as well as to hold Narcan distribution days.