Veterans Treatment Court

Eligibility Criteria:

Veterans Treatment Court is limited to defendants who have served in a branch of the military.

Veterans with co-occurring disorders (mental health and substance use) will be evaluated for Veterans Treatment Court if they otherwise meet the eligibility criteria, but they may be more appropriately referred to Drug Treatment Court and/or Mental Health Treatment Court.

The court prefers to address non-violent offenses but other crimes will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Exclusionary Criteria:

While each case will be considered individually, the following offenses will typically be excluded from the court:

  • Felony sex offenses
  • Felony crimes of violence
  • Defendants are considered ineligible if there are any unresolved out of the county charges. It is the responsibility of the offender’s counsel to resolve any pending out of county charges.
  • Murder and Manslaughter will not be considered under any circumstance.