Mobile Drug Collection Van and Drug Collection Boxes 

The District Attorney’s Office maintains drug collection boxes located throughout the County, which provide residents with a convenient, safe and anonymous way to dispose of expired or unwanted prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. 

A list of all locations can be found here: Delco Medicine Drop Box Locations

In addition, the District Attorney’s Office has a Mobile Drug Collection Van which organizations, businesses, and municipal leaders may request to have at community events. Contact the District Attorney’s Office at 610-891-4161 to schedule the mobile drug collection van free of charge.


Delco Medicine Drop Box

Internet Safety Presentations 

The Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) is stationed in the Office of the District Attorney. Representatives from ICAC are available to give presentations at schools, houses of worship or community centers to train parents, teachers, and other community members in how to prevent internet crimes against children. Call the District Attorney’s Office at 610-891-4161 to request a presentation. For more information about the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, go to: Internet Crimes Against Children ICAC PA


Naloxone Request 

NarcanThe Office of the District Attorney is committed to ensuring that the life-saving drug Naloxone, also called Narcan, is in the hands of everyone who might need it. Everyone knows that Narcan is a life saver for individuals struggling with substance use disorder who experience an overdose. However, it is not just individuals with a substance use disorder that may benefit from having Narcan in their medicine cabinet. Inadvertent overdoses and accidental ingestion can happen to anyone. That’s why we are holding community distribution days, as well as offering Narcan to members of the business community. If you would like to obtain Narcan for your home or your business, please contact Sara Senkow at (610) 892-8117 or by email at If you would like to be trained in the administration of Narcan, go to to watch a short video.

There are several ways to obtain naloxone for your home or business at no cost:

  • The County has a limited supply of naloxone available for distribution to County residents. Reach out to Sara Senkow at (610) 892-8117 or by email at
  • You can have naloxone mailed to you. If you are a person who uses drugs, was recently released from jail or prison, or a person likely to be a first responder to an opioid overdose emergency, we will mail you naloxone if you’re unable to access it any other way. Please email to request naloxone. Mail-based services are specifically designed to support individuals who are unable or unwilling to access in-person services. To qualify for mail-based naloxone distribution, you will need to view a training video, answer a short quiz, and provide enrollment information. After enrollment, naloxone will be mailed to you free-of-charge in a plain bubble mailer. The return address is a nondescript PO Box. Discretion and privacy is our priority. Please note that we do not interact with health insurance in any way, for that reason our enrollment form is not HIPAA compliant. Opioid overdose prevention and response trainings can vary, and in some cases cover the topic extensively. We encourage you to visit the County’s web page for the Office of Behavioral Health, Division of Drug & Alcohol, at for additional information.
  • You can obtain naloxone from your local pharmacy. Although naloxone is a prescription medication, Pennsylvania – like many states – has passed laws making it available as a standing order. A standing order prescription allows pharmacists in Pennsylvania to dispense naloxone without requiring an individual prescription. A comprehensive network of pharmacies in Delaware County carry Naloxone. We suggest you call ahead to inquire whether they have the medication in stock and what is covered under your individual insurance plan.

Pennsylvania’s Good Samaritan Law: Through the ‘Good Samaritan’ provision of Act 139, friends, loved ones and bystanders are encouraged to call 911 for emergency medical services in the event an overdose is witnessed and to stay with the individual until help arrives. The provision offers certain criminal and civil protections to the caller so that they cannot get in trouble for being present, witnessing and reporting an overdose.

Training: Training is available through two approved training sites: