Diversionary Programs

For many years Delaware County has had in place programs that are designed to help individuals charged with a crime avoid convictions and collateral consequences that may result from their arrest. The Diversion Program Unit is tasked with identifying cases where offenders can be held accountable for their actions through participation in non-trial programming focused on preventing future criminal justice involvement. The programs underneath the Diversion Programs umbrella require offenders to meet a variety of court supervised requirements, including community service, educational and therapeutic programming, and specialized treatment focused on addressing substance abuse and mental health issues. Diversion helps reduce the collateral consequences many offenders face, while also lowering recidivism rates and saving prosecutorial and judicial resources that may then be concentrated on more serious and violent crime in Delaware County. The Diversion Programs Unit is committed to seeking just resolutions to cases while ensuring that victim rights are protected and that efforts are made to repair the harm imposed on the affected communities.