Media, PA – First Assistant District Attorney Tanner Rouse announced today the extensive and collaborative efforts that have been undertaken to ensure the safety and integrity of Delaware County’s 2020 election. Joined by Chief James Nolan, Chief of the Criminal Investigation Division, Chief David Splain, President of the Delaware County Chiefs of Police Association, Scott Mahoney, Superintendent of the Park Police, Tim Boyce, Director of Delco Emergency Services, Sheriff Jerry Sanders, Chris Eiserman, Vice President of Delco FOP Lodge 27, County Councilwoman Elaine Schaefer, Executive Director Howard Lazarus, as well as attorneys from the DA’s office involved in Election Protection efforts, the message to Delaware County residents was straightforward: law enforcement has been working hard to ensure that the election process is free from fraud, intimidation and other violations of law.

“It cannot be said often enough: the right to vote in a free and fair election is the foundation of our democracy,” said First Assistant Rouse. “For that reason, early in this election cycle our office began its effort to prepare for Election Day.” Rouse explained that while the DA’s office has historically had staff available to respond to questions on Election Day, this year because of the pandemic, as well as the national political climate, it was decided that it would be prudent to engage in a more comprehensive effort at education and mobilization. The office worked with members of law enforcement throughout the County to anticipate the problems that may arise before, during or after Election Day, and then developed guidance on those issues. That guidance has been shared with the chiefs of every municipal police force in Delaware County, as well as with the Sheriff’s office, constables and the Park Police. First Assistant Rouse also emphasized that the preparations have been conducted free from any political interference, and have involved participants from every part of the political spectrum.

In addition to offering guidance, Rouse wanted to make clear that Delaware County law enforcement is prepared to respond quickly and forcefully on Election Day to any allegations of voter fraud or intimidation. “We have assembled a team of Assistant District Attorneys and detectives to immediately investigate any claims of fraud or intimidation. Our office is focused on protecting the sanctity of every vote, while ensuring that voters feel safe and secure in exercising their Constitutional rights, and to avoid any appearance that any office has a political motivation in carrying its duties under the law,” said Rouse.

If you encounter a problem on Election Day, residents are encouraged to call the District Attorney’s Office Election Day hotline at 610-891-4797.

The District Attorney and the Criminal Investigation Division remind anyone in Delaware County who observes suspicious activity to call 911 immediately and provide the most specific and accurate details possible to assist law enforcement agencies investigating the call for service.

Contact: Margie McAboy, Public Information Officer, Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, 610-579-0429.