Senior Exploitation Unit

The Senior Exploitation Unit works to educate seniors about crimes such as Identity Theft, Fiduciary Theft, Credit Card Theft or Misuse, and Financial or Physical abuse. To report a crime or request a presentation at your Church, school, community center, or club please contact:

Senior Exploitation Unit
Office of the District Attorney
Delaware County Courthouse
Media, Pennsylvania 19063
(610) 891-5249

About The Senior Exploitation Unit

The Senior Exploitation Unit was created in 2003 to investigate physical, sexual, and financial crimes committed against anyone who is sixty years of age or older. Examples of senior crimes include Identity Theft, Fiduciary Theft, Credit Card Theft or Misuse, Gypsy Scams, and financial or physical abuse. This Unit was developed to combat the problem of rising crime against senior citizens in Delaware County. Pennsylvania has the second-highest number of senior citizen residents in the country. Delaware County has the largest number of senior citizen residents when compared proportionally to other counties within the Commonwealth.

The mission of the Senior Exploitation Unit is twofold: (1) to investigate crimes against seniors; and (2) to educate the general population of Delaware County concerning the many crimes and illegal schemes perpetrated against the seniors of the county. Since its inception, the Senior Exploitation Unit has handled more than 400 cases and the total amount of thefts reported has exceeded $3,000,000.

The education segment of the mission raises awareness about the need to identify these crimes and the need to report the crimes to the proper authorities. In support of this mission, the Senior Exploitation Unit presents programs throughout Delaware County. As of December 2006, the Unit presented more than 100 programs on such topics as Crimes Against the Elderly, Don’t Allow Yourself To Be a Victim, Senior Personal Safety, and other pertinent subjects explaining the increasing number of crimes committed against seniors and how seniors can protect themselves.

Statistics show that many seniors throughout the country do not report the fraudulent and illegal schemes committed against them because they are afraid the actors may return to victimize them again or that a family member may find out and may believe the victims are not able to properly handle their own affairs. It is very important to convince the senior victims of the need to report these crimes and to cooperate in the prosecution of individuals who prey on seniors. The Unit explains to seniors that if they become victims, the District Attorney’s Office will assist them and will work to preserve their dignity and rights.

The Senior Exploitation Unit works closely with other elder driven agencies, including the County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA), Senior Victim Services, The Legal Rights Agency of Southeastern PA, and many other organizations both within and outside of Delaware County. The assistance of these agencies has allowed the Senior Exploitation Unit to increase the understanding and cooperation of the senior community of Delaware County. The Unit has made and will continue to make a positive impact in cutting the rate of crime and scams committed against our seniors.

Erica Parham, Assistant District Attorney, is chief of the unit. An Assistant District Attorney and two detectives also staff the Senior Exploitation Unit. To report a crime, ask a question or request a presentation, please call the Senior Exploitation Unit at 610-891-5249 or email the Unit at

Tips to Protect Yourself

Help yourself:
NEVER… fall for anything that sounds too good to be true such as a free vacation, sweepstakes prize, cures for cancer, etc.

NEVER… give your credit card, phone card, Social Security, or bank account numbers to ANYONE over the phone unless you initiated the call.

NEVER… let anyone rush you into signing anything especially an insurance policy, a sales agreement, or any contract. Always take your time and read it carefully and have someone you trust check it.

NEVER… provide your personal information to anyone unless you know why they need it and how they are going to use it.

NEVER… deal with any contractor unless you first check them out with the Better Business Bureau, the county office of Consumer Affairs, or your local police department.

If you have questions about Senior Exploitation or if you would like a member of our unit to come and speak to your church group, senior group or any group, Call the Senior Exploitation Unit at 610-891-5249
or contact us at