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Police officer arrested for delivering stolen Taser to convicted criminal

Media, PA -- Today District Attorney Kat Copeland announced the arrest of Donald Jackson, Jr., 44, a Chester City Police Officer, who took a police Taser from the police department and unlawfully delivered it to an individual who was not lawfully permitted to possess it. A taser is a prohibited offensive weapon that delivers an electrical current that temporarily incapacitates people.

Donald Jackson, Jr., is charged with theft by unlawful taking, theft by receiving stolen property, and criminal conspiracy to possession of an offensive weapon, all misdemeanors of the first degree. The investigation was conducted by the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Investigations Unit Detective Paul Corsi.

On June 24, 2019, CID detectives executed a search warrant at the residence of Nikolaos Hatziefstathiou, also known as “Nik the Hat,” in Broomall. During execution of the search warrant, detectives located a police Taser with the number “14” carved into it, along with two firing cartridges and a cell phone. Firing logs for the Taser show it was last discharged in June 2019.

An investigation was launched by the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office CID Special Investigations Unit. Detectives determined that the Taser was the property of the Chester City Police Department and had been purchased by the department in October 2011 for $804.95. The Taser was last assigned to a retired Chester Police Captain, who upon retirement, returned the Taser to Chester City Police Officer Donald Jackson, Jr., who was assigned as the Chester Police Department’s Special Project Officer. The Chester City Police confirmed that the recovered Taser was missing from their inventory and was considered stolen.

A forensic examination of Hatziefstathiou’s cellular telephone by the CID Cyber Crimes Unit revealed text messages between Hatziefstathiou and Donald Jackson, Jr. On January 24, 2019, at 11:09 p.m., Hatziefstathiou sent a text message to Jackson’s cell phone asking, “Know anyone I can borrow a taser from? I’m going to be in some bad areas while I’m down there this weekend.” Jackson replied, “I have one. You can’t tell anyone where you got it though.” Additional text messages show that Hatziefstathiou came to Jackson’s house in Delaware County just after midnight on that same date and obtained the Taser from Jackson. Text messages show that on April 15, 2019, at 9:51 p.m., Jackson sent a text message to Hatziefstathiou asking, “How did you make out with that taser?” Hatziefstathiou replied, “Oh yeah! We have one more shoot was gonna use it just in case.” Later Hatziefstathiou text messaged Jackson, “Didn’t use it luckily lmao.”

On July 25, 2019, CID detectives interviewed Donald Jackson, Jr., regarding the stolen police Taser. When confronted with the recovered text message communications on Hatziefstathiou’s phone, Jackson admitted that he took the police issued Taser from the Chester City Police Department to his home and later delivered the police Taser to Hatziefstathiou. A taser is a prohibited offensive weapon that is not permitted to be lawfully delivered to or possessed by Hatziefstathiou.


Donald Jackson, Jr., was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Walter A. Strohl who set bail at $20,000 unsecured. The preliminary hearing has been scheduled before District Judge Strohl on September 3, 2019.

“Donald Jackson, Jr., used his position of trust and authority as a law enforcement officer to obtain a police issued weapon and then illegally transferred it to a convicted criminal, violating his sworn oath to uphold the laws of our Commonwealth,” said District Attorney Kat Copeland.